About Cindy

Cindy Rakow brings 28 years of clinical experience as an occupational therapist, working with children and adults, regarding a variety of concerns. This includes supporting those who are autistic as well as those who are highly sensitive to the world around them. Her skills with remote viewing and medical intuition, as well as her Empathic nature, blend together and guide her work.

Since 1997, Cindy has worked with Sarah Weiss, becoming a meditation guide as well as a certified Light Journey Guide. She is an Ordained Minister through the Inner Light Ministry, an initiate of the Andean Tradition by Juan Nunez del Prado and a Reiki Master. She is an Enlightened Empath Coach through her training with the Spiritheal Institute as well.

Cindy RakowAn Adjunct Assistant Professor at Cleveland State University since 2004, she holds a Master of Arts degree in Holistic Health Studies through Georgian Court University. Working in a variety of clinical settings including outpatient, inpatient, home health and schools, Cindy has brought her empath nature, knowledge and skills to a wide range of clients ranging from 2 months of age through adulthood. She incorporates a variety of energy and manual work into her clinical practice including craniosacral therapy, somatoemotional release, myofascial release, frequency specific microcurrent, joint mobilization, infant massage, kinesiotaping, as well as internal viewing and chakra clearing and balancing work. Utilizing her skill of remote viewing, Cindy creates an energetic connection with her clients through ceremony. From this sacred space, she is able to offer energy work from a distance, providing an opportunity to smooth the nervous system as well as the entire body of her clients. Cindy believes that all individuals deserve to know their true self on an intimate level and to have space to express their true self in the world.